Hola! I’m Pesho.

In the last decade I’ve been busy with quite a few things. But it’s only lately that I realized what gives me that narcotic boost when I open my eyes in the morning.

Hairstyling, you may think? Nope.

The answer is, in fact, change – the pure joy of embracing something unfamiliar and allowing myself to be a complete starter in a new field.

I’m not talking about climbing K2 or eating scorpions. I’m talking about learning a new craft, trying a different sport for a month, designing my own kitchen table.

Mostly, the aim of trying a new skill is not to reach a high proficiency level. The process of decomposing a new skill down to its basics and trying to master it quickly is what keeps me beating. Including the occasional emotional rush of failing miserably at it.

Since hairstyling has been one of the hobbies I picked up the longest time ago, it is only fair that I give it the spotlight in this online experiment. It will be the test drive for two of the new skills I am learning – photography and blogging.

Please forgive the occasional awkward shot or article. Or don’t. I hope that I’ll make plenty of mistakes on the way, so I can share what I learned with you.